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Tom Brady Delivers Huge Surprise to Child Survivor of Brain Cancer
This kid just scored a 'touchdown' with this amazing surprise. Read more…
Man Allegedly Fakes His Own Death to Escape Police, Discovered Years Later
All to avoid punishment for his alleged crimes. Read more…
Man Charged by Mountain Lion while Hiking Scares Off Big Cat by Roaring
'That was my last hope...It was coming at me, what, was I going to keep on running? I stood my ground and just roared at it.'
Read more…
Shih Tzu Chases Geese Onto Frozen River, Leash Gets Stuck 30 Yards Out
The dog's leash got stuck on ice, trapping the pup about 30 yards from shore. Read more…
Fast Food Worker Shot and Killed Over Suspicious $20 Bill, Police Move In
You're never guaranteed to have a safe day at work. This is a reminder of that sad fact. Read more…
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