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Look: Dad Recreates Iconic 'Toy Story' Scene for Son's Back-to-School Pic
'Lots of people found it emotional and [said] that it made them cry,' the father claimed.
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Age 6 Boy with Cystic Fibrosis Has 1 Heartwarming Wish
His father said Ethan had been obsessed with garbage trucks and watching them come down the street since he was first able to crawl.
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Bridge Inspector Stunned by What He Spots Hiding 120' in the Air
'No one is sure how she ended up down there, but this heartwarming rescue story proves that not all heroes wear capes,' Stantec tweeted. Read more…
Here's How the Pandemic Has Drastically Altered How We Eat
'People are traveling with their taste buds, recreating dishes they ate out but now have to cook instead,' Esmee Williams said. Read more…
Pregnant Woman vs. Shark: Wife Does the Incredible To Save Husband
The woman reportedly 'saw the shark’s dorsal fin and then blood filling the water.'

Without hesitation, she bravely jumped into the water to save her husband. Read more…
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