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Man Left Coughing up Blood After Attack, Goes on 20 Min Later to Win Nat'l Championship
Boys need to get their inspiration from stories like this. Read more…
Massive Recall Announced, Return This Before It's Too Late
One small malfunction could cause a deadly disaster. Read more…
Miners Uncover Remarkable Extinct Animal In Ancient Permafrost
This has been called 'one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever discovered in the world.'
Read more…
Video: First Responders Enter 'Fully Engulfed' Home to Rescue 3-Year-Old Trapped in Back Bedroom
The police shouted the boy's name, but he had been overwhelmed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Read more…
Man Spots Burning Car, Warns Clueless Elderly Driver Sitting Inside: Moments Later, Car Explodes
'I ran up to the burning Jeep and knocked on the door and politely asked him to get out.'
Read more…
Mom Prays After Teen Pronounced Dead from Car Crash, Then She Sees Hand Move
'What Satan attempted to steal from my son, God restored back to him,' the teen's mother said. Read more…
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