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Video: Gut-Wrenching Scene Unfolds as Alleged Drunk Driver Heads Straight for Mother and Baby
'The operator of the vehicle has been arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated among other charges,' the police department said. Read more…
High Schooler Does the Incredible to Help Homeless Vets Across USA
Up to nine veterans will now have a place to live thanks to Michael Ferrara's donation.

'I have a great respect for the people who are willing to and have sacrificed everything to serve our country and to keep America free.'
Read more…
Woman Inches from Death When Metal Pole Smashes Through Windshield
A driver who failed to secure the load in their truck nearly cost Mandy Poff her life. Read more…
Man in 'Bubble' Washes Up on Florida Shore
The man was reportedly 'walking on water' for charity. Read more…
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