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Teen Honors Grandfather with Incredible Gift for 50 Military Veterans
Fourteen-year-old Nathan gives veterans the first cut free, then offers them a discount each time he returns. Read more…
Police Investigating After Small Dog Is Brutalized, Family Left with $17,000 in Medical Expenses
Neighbors reportedly told Jenkins that this was not the first time the unleashed dog had attacked others. Read more…
Watch: Deputies Buy Shoes and Sandwich for Man Loitering at Gas Station
The deputies were responding to a report of a man loitering behind a gas station. What they discovered when they arrived was a different story. Read more…
15-Year Employee Gets Huge Shock When Company's Top Executive Does the Unexpected
'He’s such a great employee,' Sullins said.

'I just like to say thank you for staying with Papa John’s. Thank you for all you do.'
Read more…
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