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Viral Video: Family's New Fridge Delivery Ends in Disaster
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'Why wouldn't you wait, bro?'
Read more…
Mom Killed Saving Lives of Her 5-Year-Old Sons
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'I cannot believe that this man wasn't in prison for his entire life for all of his warrants,' her mother said. Read more…
Police: Preschool Girl Found Alone on Street Corner in Middle of Night
Posted by Amanda Thomason
The little girl is believed to be 4 years old. Read more…
Reality TV Star Dead at Age 30
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'The Waldroup family is devastated over Lance passing,' the statement said. Read more…
Porn Star Makes Incredible Discovery in Hotel After Boyfriend's Murder
Posted by Billy Hallowell
'Something about the word of God gave me so much hope, so much encouragement during one of the hardest seasons that I’ve ever been through in life.' Read more…
Woman Horrified to Learn Truth About Itchy Skin During Pregnancy
Posted by Amanda Thomason
She was stunned to learn the condition 'could have caused a still born after 37 weeks.' Read more…
Mom Shares Grave Warning After Toddler Dies from Horrible Accident
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'Kids are dying,' the mother said. 'We’ve got to do everything we can to get this information to parents and put pressure on the industry to make changes to protect the kids.' Read more…
Masked Intruder Tries Breaking Into Food Network Star's Home
Posted by Amanda Thomason
Lee is the former girlfriend of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
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Military Family Begs for Return of Son's Ashes
Posted by Amanda Thomason
'It didn’t hit me that our stuff was gone, it hit me that our son’s ashes were in there,' Kassandra Benton said. 'That was the first thing I realized - Wyatt was gone.' Read more…
Woman Takes Bold Stand Against Popular Pro-Abortion Jewelry
Posted by Billy Hallowell
'We discovered that there were over 70 brands that gave back to a culture of death,' the pro-life designer said. Read more…
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