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4 Horrifying Policies in Dems' Voting Bill That Ensure Trump Will Never Win Again
Democrats want to make it harder to have secure elections. Read more…
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Enjoy a glass of your favorite red wine in your new favorite shirt. The liberal tears also provide as great moisturizer. Who would've thought a shirt could do all this? Read more…
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Plan B: Dem Sen Hatches New Plot After Minimum Wage Hike Fails
A minimum wage hike simply doesn't have enough support in the Senate. Read more…
Dick Morris: Biden's Losing the Senate
'There is no appeasing Manchin; the best approach is to accommodate him.' Read more…
Convicted Cop Killers Released from Jail in Shock Move
'Allowing these men to be free sends a troubling message to the families of these officers that their sacrifice and the lives of their loved ones are somehow insignificant,' a former Chicago police superintendent said. Read more…
State Lawmakers Move to Put an End to Biden's Dictator-Like Rule
North Dakota lawmakers approved a similar bill. Will more states follow? Read more…
Ep. 76: Biden Breaks Promise - Illegal Immigrant Children Are Still Being Detained
Biden had made a promise to handle the border issue without putting 'kids in cages.' Five weeks into his presidency, unaccompanied minors are being sent to a child-only detention camp. This is just another broken promise from Biden. Read more…
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