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Piers Morgan Finally Loses It on Gender Woke 'Imbeciles'
Morgan savaged the woke decision in comments that have now gone viral. Read more…
From Poor To CEO - The Incredible Journey of Herman Cain
Sponsored by From Poor To CEO
‘From Poor To CEO’ is the true story of the 'American dream,' where a man comes from a poor and under-educated family and reaches the highest levels of corporate, social and political America. Read more…
Daily News for Patriots
FL Town Issues Head-Spinning Amount of Fines to Woman for Parking in Her Driveway the Wrong Way
What would you say if your town tried to fine you for the way you park? Read more…
DOJ Using Capitol Incursion for Dark New Campaign Against Americans
This would be a serious step, and civil rights watchdogs are already concerned. Read more…
Dems' $15 Minimum Wage Dreams Crushed
$15 minimum wage cannot be included in the COVID relief bill, the Senate parliamentarian ruled. Read more…
Watch: Rand Paul Knocks Out Rachel Levine in Flawless Confirmation Hearing Takedown
The only response Paul could get out of these questions was Levine offering to come to his office and explain the answers, and of course that would be off the record. Read more…
Ted Cruz: Biden Picks Trial Lawyer, Not Doctor, to Lead Pandemic Response
'As we face this unprecedented global pandemic, voting to confirm an HHS secretary with absolutely no medical or scientific experience is simply irresponsible.' Read more…
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