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Pastor Makes Shocking Lockdown Discovery
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A missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are trying to suppress it. Read more…
Daily News for Patriots
Unreal Video: Rough Seas Tear Freighter's Hull in Two; Half the Crew Now Gone
Half of the vessel's crew is now dead or missing. Read more…
Trump's Message on Judeo-Christian Values Brings CPAC To Its Feet
'Our party is based on love for America and the belief that this is an exceptional nation, blessed by God,' Trump said. Read more…
Trump Drops Major Hint for Future Plans: 'Who Knows, I May Even Decide to...'
Donald Trump just dropped a major hint about his future plans. Read more…
Cuomo Gives Pathetic Defense as Second Accuser steps Forward
'I tried to be supportive and helpful,' the embattled governor claimed. Read more…
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