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Civil Rights Icon Calls Out One of the Left's Favorite Phrases: 'It's Insulting'
According to this man, even an 'old-fashioned bigot' is better than a race-obsessed leftist. Read more…
The Biblical Secret Democrats Don’t Want You To See
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This one single mistranslated word in the Bible Democrat’s are actively trying to suppress. This Pastor is exposing their secret here. Read more…
Daily News for Patriots
Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Strip Biden of Major Powers
Lawmakers have been frustrated after Biden bombed Syria without consulting Congress. Read more…
State Senate Passes Bill Protecting Children's Health from Trans Agenda
Alabama may soon become the first state to ban gender transition surgeries and hormone treatment for children. Read more…
WH Cuts Feed When Biden Says the Wrong Thing
'Whatever you want me to do,' Biden said before the feed cut. Read more…
AZ Sheriff Reveals What Biden Did for Dangerous Cartels
Smugglers are able to use the roads to operate inside the United States. Read more…
Prominent Dems Break with Biden After He Makes Major Constitutional Mistake
The retaliatory airstrike follows recent attacks from Iran-backed militia groups. Read more…
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