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Biden Waives Ethics Rules to Ram Through Shady Favor for Union Bosses
The Biden administration hasn't been shy about its cozy relationship with unions. Read more…
Dr. Ron Paul’s New Warning for Every American
Sponsored by Stansberry Research
The former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran is back with a brand-new message every American needs to see today. Read more…
Daily News for Patriots
FB Board Member Gives Infuriatingly Smug Response When Asked to Justify Trump Ban
The facts of the event appear to paint a much different picture. Read more…
Watch Disappointed CNBC Analyst Go Speechless on Air Because of Horrible Biden Jobs Report
This CNBC analyst was left speechless on air when he saw how low Biden's jobs numbers were. Read more…
Police Make Gruesome Discovery Wrapped in Christmas Lights
The body appeared to be set up in a shrine. Read more…
Sheriff Rips Biden Apart for What He's Doing to National Guard at Border
Sheriff Louderback called Biden's border crisis 'embarrassing.' Read more…
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