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Best of the Week
20 States Send Attention-Grabbing Promise to Pelosi, Schumer if HR1 Passes
The letter was signed by attorneys general from 20 states. Read more…
Top Stories of the Week
Judge Orders New Election After Discovering Truth About Absentee Ballots
Even those voting in person may have met some trouble at the polling place. Read more…
Staggering Number of Migrants Released by Biden Test Positive for COVID
Many migrants who tested positive are not quarantining and instead are traveling further into the United States. Read more…
Biden May Have Just Canceled Relief Checks for Many Americans
Biden has agreed to a stricter income cap than was in place for the first two rounds of COVID relief payments. Read more…
Athletes Representing US Are Now Officially Free to Kneel for Anthem
A paralympic athlete was removed from the council for a speech he gave before the vote. Read more…
American Sports Legend Found Dead
Our underdog team was only expected to get crushed by the Soviets.

Then something happened.
Read more…
Expert Reveals Shocking Number of Jobs That Will Be Lost Due to Biden's COVID Package
He estimated those five to seven million Americans will be jobless within six months of the bill passing. Read more…
Police: Preschool Girl Found Alone on Street Corner in Middle of Night
The little girl is believed to be 4 years old. Read more…
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