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Bank Executive Flips Script at Trump’s NY Trial
The bank executive gave a huge boost to Trump’s defense. Read more…
Musk Claps Back with 3-Word Response to Woke Advertisers
Musk doubled down on his statement. Read more…
Speaker Johnson Breaks Silence on Expelling GOP Rep
The vote could be a close one. Read more…
Judge Hands Transgender Lawmaker a Brutal Defeat
"The decisions in this case rightly upheld the Montana Constitution’s separation of powers and the rule of law." Read more…
errible News for Biden: Look Where He Ranks Against All 50 US Governors
Biden is coming in at dead last against all 50 U.S. governors. Read more…
National Christmas Tree Disaster Is Very Fitting for Biden WH
A crane was used to hoist the 40-foot tree upright. Read more…
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