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Watch: Biden Gets Number of Grandkids Wrong - Then It Gets Even Worse
Biden kept talking like nothing was amiss. Read more…
Democrats In Panic After Biblical Remedy Is Exposed.
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And how it's turning atheists into believers Colorado Pastor claims to have indisputable evidence. Read more…
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GOP Gov Claims Trump Won’t Be Nominee
The governor is rumored to be making a presidential run. Read more…
‘Satanic’ Target Apparel Creator Relieved His Merch Pulled
Target has lost over $9 billion since the boycott began. Read more…
Motorcycle Rally Turns Deadly When Shots Ring Out
A New Mexico motorcycle rally turned deadly. Read more…
Students Hit with Felony Weapons Charges After Strange Smell at School
Some are saying these charges are going much too far for these teens. Read more…
Murder Victim Left a Big Clue Before Death - ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Implicated
A key piece of evidence appears to have been left by the victim before her death. Read more…

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