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NFL Superstar’s Wife Slammed Over Taylor Swift’s Viral NFL Moment
The ugliness of social media reared its head as soon as Taylor Swift went viral at an NFL game. Read more…
Pastor Makes Shocking Lockdown Discovery
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
A missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are trying to suppress. Read More Read more…
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Newsom Running Again? His Late-Night Veto of a Controversial Pro-Trans Bill Has Tongues Wagging
Did Newsom nix the pro-LGBT bill to play better in Peoria? Read more…
Yeah, He Went There - Biden Refers to Rapper as ‘Boy’ to His Face
Get ready for Biden’s spin doctors to get creative in explaining this one. Read more…
Dog Jumps in River and 3 Crocs Approach… Nobody Expected Their Next Move
As three crocodiles approached, everyone expected the worst. Read more…
Massive Predator Photographed in Heartland State - This Could Make Short Work of Anyone
The state is not known to have any breeding populations of the big cats. Read more…
Sophia Loren Hospitalized After Accident
Loren underwent emergency surgery on her leg, according to her agent. Read more…
Biden Set to Give Even More Foreigners Open Access to US
Entry into America will soon become even easier for more foreigners. Read more…

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