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'Dementia Thing': DNC Worried Biden Would Be Implicated if Comedian Made Fun of Trump's Mental State
Trump and Biden sparred over each other's mental faculties during the election. Read more…
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College Student Suspended Over 1 Simple Statement: Report
What was incorrect about what he said? Read more…
Biden's Hypocrisy Exposed in Case of Murdered Saudi Journalist
The mainstream media attacked Trump for doing the same thing Biden is doing now. Read more…
Catholic Priest Detroys Joe Biden, Exposes the Truth About 'Anti-Catholic' President
Biden has 'magnified and institutionalized countless major violations of the Ten Commandments,' Father Jerry Pokorsky writes. Read more…
Watch: Anti-ICE Rioters Smash Up Portland in Protest of Joe Biden
The left has pushed back against news of Biden opening migrant child facilities at the southern border. Read more…
Dem Politician Helps Promote Media That Degrades Women
Rep. Maxine Waters praised Megan Thee Stallion for the 'audacity' of the song 'WAP.' Read more…
Here's the Truth About What Leftists Are Doing to Black Communities
'On the far left, it's the K. K. Karens,' Barnette told The Western Journal.

'The white, progressive, liberal women who believe they know everything, right? They even know what it means to be black. The only thing you have to do is ask them.'
Read more…
Exclusive: 'Hercules' Star Reveals Message Canceled 'Star Wars' Actress Shared with Him
'She's a class act. She's a wonderful lady, she's a classy lady, she's a beautiful lady,' Kevin Sorbo told The Western Journal.

'And she's going to have a big career in front of her, bigger than she ever did.'
Read more…
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