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California's New $20 Minimum Wage Law Includes Odd Exemption That’s Raising Eyebrows
“Everyone's scratching their head” about the exemption, an industry insider said. Read more…
What God Told Ex President Trump Is A Biblical Bombshell
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
But it’s NOT against The Liberal Democrats. It’s against Pharma Companies that profit from your suffering. And you won’t believe how he’s using it. Watch Now Read more…
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Swing State Voters Send Biden Protest Message So Massive Even Organizers Couldn’t Predict It
Biden won Michigan last time around by about 150,000 votes. On Tuesday, roughly two-thirds of that margin sent him a message he can’t avoid noticing. Read more…
Matt Gaetz Goes Off as He Walks Out of Hunter Biden Deposition
“I thought it was a pretty strange statement,” Gaetz said of Hunter Biden’s opening statement. Read more…
Hackers Seize Trump Court Docs, Release Could Shake US Election to the Core
Hackers hold data that apparently cannot be destroyed by authorities now. Read more…
GOP Rep Who Opposed Biden Impeachment Now Pushes to Remove Him
Buck has previously opposed impeachment against Biden. Read more…
Key Fani Willis Witness Makes Stunning Claim
“Do you tell lies about your friends? About a case of national importance?” an opposing attorney pressed. Read more…
Dem Rep Shredded for 'Evil' Response to Laken Riley Murder
An illegal immigrant has been arrested for allegedly killing nursing student Laken Riley. Read more…

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