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McCarthy Calls Out ‘New Low’ by Democrat
Bowman claimed he didn’t know he’d set off the alarm. Read more…
Privacy is Freedom. Protect your phone, location and more.
Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework (DEAF) is the BEST cloaking mechanism for your cell phone calls to keep third parties from intercepting them. Read more…
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Democrat State Mulls Keeping Neighborhoods in Dark About Sex Offenders in Their Midst as Show of 'Social Support'
Officials apparently don’t want to offend the feelings of sex offenders. Read more…
Democrat Could Be Expelled After Dirty Trick
Bowman admitted to the stunt. Read more…
Jimmy Carter Marks Huge Milestone in Hospice
Carter has been in hospice care for months. Read more…
Op-Ed: Mainstream Narrative on Israel Replaces Jewish History with a 20th-Century Phenomenon
The international community is testing the limits of Israel’s sovereignty. Read more…
Shocker: Big-Time Liberal City May Pull Rug Out from Under Welfare Recipients - 'No More Handouts Without Accountability'
It seems even this Democratic stronghold has had enough of rampant open-air drug use. Read more…

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