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Best of the Week
Senate Passes Measure to Address Fetterman Antics
The Senate passed the bipartisan measure. Read more…
Top Stories of The Week
GOP Debate Moderator Starts with Major Flub
Things got off to a rough start on Wednesday night. Read more…
Supreme Court Hands Trump Massive Win
Trump has got to be happy about this one. Read more…
Dem Rep Admits to Dirty Move Before Critical Vote
Bowman could face jail time if charged. Read more…
Philly Influencer Who Spurred Riot Cries as She Learns Consequences
The influencer “basically incited the riot,” according to Philadelphia’s mayor. Read more…
Jack Smith Runs to Judge Chutkan, Claims Trump Violated Terms of Release
The special counsel is focusing in on a video of Trump in South Carolina. Read more…
Gaetz Roasts Dem Senator Accused of Bribery on House Floor
The chamber was silent after his comment. Read more…
Are The Viral Photos of a Once-Pregnant Michelle Obama Real?
The photos were posted online with a caption that read “Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theories…” Read more…

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