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Best of the Week
Twitter Turns the Tables on Musk with Sale Move
'We believe this agreement is in the best interest of all shareholders.' Read more…
Top Stories of The Week
5 Statements from Buffalo Suspect's Manifesto Show He's a Leftist Who Hates Conservatives
Anyone reporting that this accused mass murderer was linked to conservatives, Republicans or Christians is lying or misinformed. Read more…
Hollywood Star's Fans, Others Turn on Her Over 'Cruel' Baby Formula Comment
'Please- we all love you, but delete this now.' Read more…
Is Biden in Legal Trouble? Look at the Move He Just Made
Joe Biden could very well face an impeachment trial if Republicans take back the House. Read more…
Biden Just Nuked Gas Prices for Years to Come with 1 Disastrous Order
The line between incompetent and deliberate is getting thinner by the day with the Biden administration. Read more…
Mom Watches Horrified as Son, 6, Is Dragged 575 Feet by School Bus: 'I Was Going to Watch Him Die'
'I saw my ... son's feet underneath the bus being dragged and I heard him scream.' Read more…
Red Bull's Woke Transgender Stunt Backfires as Fed-Up Female Skateboarder Speaks Out
Transgender competitors displaced Taylor Silverman from first place on two separate occasions. Read more…
Woman Arrested for Aggravated Animal Cruelty Admits to Shooting Her Own Dogs With a BB Gun 173 Times
Apparently the woman shot the dogs whenever they tried to dig under the fence. Read more…

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