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College Student Suspended Over 1 Simple Statement: Report
What was incorrect about what he said? Read more…
The Biblical Secret Democrats Don’t Want You To See
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This one single mistranslated word in the Bible Democrat’s are actively trying to suppress. This Pastor is exposing their secret here. Read more…
Best Stories of the Day
Establishment Republicans in Our Country Have One Major Flaw
'They would much rather continue to give to the pockets of the political advisers that they’ve had since Reagan and continue to throw money down the drain,' Kevin McGary told The Western Journal. Read more…
Chaffetz: GOP Leader Is Wrong About Trump
'What prevails over everything,' Chaffetz told The Western Journal, are 'the policies that Donald Trump was able to champion.'

'Because he turned out to be one of the best conservatives we've ever had.'
Read more…
China Subjected US Officials to Humiliating COVID Test: State Department
The officials said that China admitted to the mistake. Read more…
Ben Carson Issues Hopeful Reminder That Every Conservative Needs to Hear
'You will never win if you sit in the corner.' Read more…
Dem Politician Helps Promote Media That Degrades Women
Rep. Maxine Waters praised Megan Thee Stallion for the 'audacity' of the song 'WAP.' Read more…
Watch: Anti-ICE Rioters Smash Up Portland in Protest of Joe Biden
The left has pushed back against news of Biden opening migrant child facilities at the southern border. Read more…
Dana Loesch to 'Well-Intentioned' Republicans: You Could Help Biden Kill Gun Rights
'Just because somebody has an "R" by their name doesn't mean that they know gun law.' Read more…
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