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Democrats In Panic After Biblical Remedy Is Exposed.
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And how it's turning atheists into believers Colorado Pastor claims to have indisputable evidence. Read more…
Viral Trump News
Top Senate Republicans Just Gave MLB Some Very Bad News
The legislation seeks to end an anti-trust exemption enjoyed by Major League Baseball for decades. Read more…
Officer Buys 3 Strangers Leash and Toy for New Puppy
The boys were glad Officer Schuler stopped to spend some time with them and their new puppy and appreciated his thoughtful gifts. Read more…
Watch: Students Forced to Learn the Truth About GA Voting Law
Check out what happens when they find out the voting bill is really Georgia's new law. Read more…
Americans Just Delivered Democrats a Painful Message About the Border Crisis
The voters that will play the biggest role in determining which party holds power in the next Congress are not happy with the Democrats. Read more…
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