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Exorcist Has Scary Warning About Taylor Swift Concerts
“You're definitely putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.” Read more…
The Weeks Most Viral Trump News
Breaking: US Destroyer Attacked at Sea, Pentagon Says
It’s not clear yet how extensive the damage is. Read more…
KJP Abruptly Ends Press Briefing Without Taking One Question When African Reporter Won't Play by Her Rules
“We can end this briefing if it's not going to be respectful here,” Karine Jean-Pierre said just before walking away. Read more…
DeSantis Uses ‘Pornography’ To Bury Newsom
DeSantis brought the receipts. Read more…
Michelle Obama Travels Alone with Clintons, Biden on Air Force One
Her husband, Barack, was not on board. Read more…
Newsom Debate Takes Brutal Turn as Opponent Pulls Out Strange Piece of Paper
This map shows the disgusting state Newsom has left California in. Read more…
Missing 17-Year-Old Girl Found Dead After 'Devastating, Mind-Blowing' Discovery Next Door
A missing teen has been found dead next door to her home after months of searching. Read more…
Elizabeth Warren Now Coming After Your Sandwiches
“Perhaps Warren should pay more attention to her state and the needs of her constituents.” Read more…

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