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Watch: Beto O'Rourke Disrupts Abbott's Press Conference on School Shooting
The mayor of Uvalde was not putting up with Beto O'Rourke.
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LIMITED EDITION St. Patrick's Day Hat
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Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, you support a shamrock-themed football team, or you just want a green Trump hat, this is just what you need. Read more…
Watch: Tucker Unleashes on Biden After Response to Texas School Shooting
It wasn't just Tucker Carlson who was furious with Biden after his speech. Read more…
Father of Parkland Victim Asks Perfect Question After Tragic TX Shooting
Never forget Democrats tried to remove police from schools last year. Read more…
Outrage: Look What Sen. Warren, Rep. Omar Did Before the TX School Massacre
The law would have guaranteed that more school shootings happened and that the ones that did happen would last longer. Read more…
Get Woke, Go Broke: State Farm Exec Makes Panicked Promise as Trans Support Blows Up in Company's Face - Report
According to a report, State Farm agents everywhere are up in arms about the company's involvement with the trans and LGBT agenda. Read more…
New Numbers Show How High Gas Prices Skyrocketed Since Biden Began 'Major Effort' to Lower Them
This is perhaps one of the most damning examples of a politician breaking a promise. Read more…

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