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Repeal the Impeachment! It’s illegal & here’s why!
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Sign the petition to Repeal the Impeachment - Leave your comments for President Trump & your state. Why is it illegal? See RepealTheImpeachment.com Read more…
Dem Candidate Arrested for Allegedly Faking Racist Attacks Against Himself
The Democratic candidate’s opponent hired a private investigator to look into the much-publicized racist attacks. Read more…

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NTSB Investigating After Boeing 737 Suffers Dangerous 'Dutch Roll' Incident
The incident happened while the packed Southwest flight was at roughly 34,000 feet. Read more…
George Strait Breaks Record for Largest Ticketed Concert in US History
George Strait smashed the previous record by several thousand. Read more…
Trump Celebrates His Friend Bryson DeChambeau’s Epic U.S. Open Win
“He is a truly tough competitor … but he also happens to be a great guy,” Trump said of Bryson DeChambeau. Read more…
Hollywood Lawyer to the Stars Becoming a Star Himself
“Little me versus Disney? He’s the defender of what’s right. He fought for me when I didn’t even think I was worthwhile.” Read more…
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Biden Goes Motionless at Fundraiser, Gets Led Offstage by Obama
The White House is furious that footage of this incident is going viral. Read more…
White House Correspondents Hits Back at Biden After He Gets Testy with Reporter
Biden was not happy with the questions asked by reporters. Read more…
Morgan Freeman Unleashes Perfect Take on Black History Month
“This whole idea makes my teeth itch,” legendary Morgan Freeman said. Read more…
Freedom Wins: Court Deals Massive Blow to Biden's 2nd Amendment Attack
Perfect day = Constitutional victory and a defeat for Biden. Read more…
Watch: Angel Reese Defends Vicious Hit on Caitlin Clark
Angel Reese defend her vicious hit against Caitlin Clark. Read more…
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