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National Guardsmen Forced to Be in DC Fed Stomach-Churning Food
'It is completely unacceptable that our men and women serving in Washington D.C are being hospitalized due to the food they are being provided,' a group of lawmakers wrote. Read more…
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'Huge Red Flag' in Biden COVID Bill Could Make Taxpayers Fund This Service
Sen. Josh Hawley called the $1.9 trillion relief package 'a Trojan Horse to push a radical progressive agenda.' Read more…
A Big Part of Dems' COVID Relief Bill Just Got Thrown Out
The coronavirus relief package will no longer fund a subway extension in San Jose. Read more…
Catholic Bishops Issue Major Warning About Johnson & Johnson Vaccine
The Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine 'was developed, tested and is produced with abortion-derived cell lines.' Read more…
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GA House Passes 4 Key Election Changes to Ensure the 2020 Disaster Never Happens Again
The bill is intended to restore the public's confidence in voting. Read more…
Leftists Veto Black Poet's Hand-Picked Translator for 1 Insane Reason
The author resigned from the job amid leftist backlash. Read more…
Cuomo's Days Are Numbered: State AG's Move Should Have Him Terrified
Remember, this is the same person Biden said was 'the gold standard' for handling COVID. Read more…
What Kamala Said About Dr. Seuss in 2017 Would Get Her Canceled Today
Just four years ago Dr. Seuss wasn't controversial. Now, the left has canceled him. Read more…
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Coworkers Make Shocking Discovery After Father Confirms Suspicion
The sisters are still 'processing the magnitude of the situation.' Read more…
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Fred Weinberg: The Establishment Hated Trump and Limbaugh for the Exact Same Reason
'I was delighted to see Donald Trump take the stage at CPAC last weekend and say what was on everybody’s mind.' Read more…
Bob Ehrlich: 3 Ways You Can Help Cancel 'Cancel Culture'
'Any conservative who nevertheless insists on a cancel approach would accordingly fail.' Read more…
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