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NEW: Trump 45 Newton's Cradle
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Enjoy this fun new addition to your desk, appropriately constructed with iron balls and finished with chrome plating. Read more…
Jim Jordan Launches Second Investigation of Georgia DA Prosecuting Trump
Jordan revealed he had evidence of Fani Willis' office coordinating its investigation of Trump with the Jan. 6 committee. Read more…

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Fox News Host Gets in On-Air Shouting Match with Vivek
Kilmeade’s co-hosts were clearly uncomfortable. Read more…
Hamas Terrorists Not Looking So Tough in Viral Photo of Reported Mass Surrender
One commenter said the reported surrender will let Jews “start Hanukah with a smile.” Read more…
UNLV Shooting Suspect Identified
Three people were killed in the campus shooting, all of them employees rather than students. Read more…
House Votes to Seriously Punish Dem Congressman
Bowman is the third Democrat to be censured by the House this year. Read more…
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Biden Admin Spits on Republicans: ‘History Will Remember Them Harshly’
Apparently putting your own country first is controversial in the Biden administration. Read more…
Trans Artist Wins Prestigious Award by Creating a Pile of Garbage
The artist waved a Palestinian flag while accepting the award.
Read more…
Prominent Pastor Gives Parents Key Advice About Santa
"I think our culture is wrong here, big-time wrong." Read more…
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Op-Ed: Why the Israel-Hamas War Will Continue, Pt 2
Israel’s enemies are watching. Read more…
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