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CDC: Worst Is Yet to Come From Coronavirus
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BREAKING: As fear expplode over the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States, officials advise citizens to take preventative measures. Read more…
Trump Announces Former Rival Will Likely Be Joining His Team
Haley ran against Trump in the Republican primary. Read more…

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Huge: Einstein's Theory Is Proved Correct
Einstein was right, again. Read more…
Have Scientists in NC Solved the Mystery of Egypt's Pyramids?
This is a fantastic discovery by scientists. Read more…
Report: Record Numbers of CBP Agents Have Left Under Biden
This administration is destroying everything it touches. Read more…
Breaking: China Launches War Games Around Taiwan as 'Punishment'
The new president has said that only Taiwan's people can decide their future and rejected Beijing's sovereignty claims. Read more…
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Family Collecting Seashells Confronted by California Authority, Fined $88,000
A trip to this beach ended in horror after a California authority entered the scene. Read more…
If You See a Bull on the Beach, Don't Do What This Person Did
What this person did is the last thing you want to do. Read more…
Watch: Antelope Sends Hungry Lion Packing - Just What We Need to Do to Biden and the Dems
Be careful, sometimes foolish attacks can raise a sleeping giant.
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Squatters Sent Running After Police Come Armed with New State Law
Homeowners will love this new law, but it’s game over for squatters. Read more…
EV Drivers Pull Up to Charging Station and Instantly Realize They’re in a Bind
Many of the chargers' critical components, including much of the cable, is made of the metal. Read more…
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