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Revealed: Stunning Amount of Time School Shooter Was Left in Classroom with Kids
The shooter was in the classroom full of children for over 30 minutes. Read more…

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Obama Stomped on Uvalde Parents' Feelings, And Laura Bobert Was There to Take Him Down
One of the most tone-deaf, heartless posts by Obama ever. Read more…
Harrowing Videos Show Parents Begging Cops to Stop TX School Shooter
'Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to.' Read more…
Stacey Abrams Decries 'Voter Suppression' as Georgia Sees Record Turnout
Georgia's record primary turnout has Abrams bending over backward to explain how Republicans are suppressing the vote. Read more…
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Video: Horrific Bow-and-Arrow, Knife Attack Leaves 5 Dead, Proves Dem Schemes for Gun Control Don't Work
In a country with far fewer guns than the US, a mass killing took place. Read more…
Trump Makes Huge NRA Announcement After Texas School Shooting
Trump is doing what he does best - driving the media and the left absolutely wild. Read more…
CNN Analyst: After Texas Shooting, Biden Should Respond By Forgetting About Illegal Immigration
The former Obama administration official argued it was necessary due to 'political issues in Texas.' Read more…
Shock Video: Cops Have to Kick Beto Out of News Conference After He Melts Down in Public
Police had to escort the erstwhile Democratic contender for a presidential nomination. This is the state of Democratic politics. Read more…
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Op-Ed: Many Pro-Lifers Are Arguing Against Abortion the Wrong Way and It Could Cost Lives
The butchering of human beings isn't an issue for a referendum. Read more…
Op-Ed: Notorious St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Is Facing a Devastating Career Change
There is no reason whatsoever Gardner should be let off the hook. Read more…
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