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Senator Sounds the Alarm: America's Biggest Threat Is Hiding in Plain View
The Biden administration is 'violating the Constitution with everything they do,' one Republican congressman told The Western Journal. Read more…
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TX Salon Owner Hits CPAC, Obliterates Government Tyrants Who Jailed Her Over COVID
'The government works for us. And right now it's reversed. They think that they're better than us and they do whatever they want and they need to realize that they are our employees, not the other way around,' Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther told The Western Journal. Read more…
Here's the Truth About What Leftists Are Doing to Black Communities
'On the far left, it's the K. K. Karens,' Barnette told The Western Journal.

'The white, progressive, liberal women who believe they know everything, right? They even know what it means to be black. The only thing you have to do is ask them.'
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Exclusive: 'Hercules' Star Reveals Message Canceled 'Star Wars' Actress Shared with Him
'She's a class act. She's a wonderful lady, she's a classy lady, she's a beautiful lady,' Kevin Sorbo told The Western Journal.

'And she's going to have a big career in front of her, bigger than she ever did.'
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Republican Heavy-Hitter Slams GOP 'Civil War,' Issues Warning
'Those are the things that draw people,' Walker told The Western Journal, 'when we get beyond just individual personalities and talk about the fundamentals.' Read more…
NASA Rover Makes History with Gorgeous Photo of Mars
The photo is a 360-degree HD panorama. Read more…
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Watch: Dem Rep Makes Enormous Admission on Giant COVID Relief Bill
The bill includes funding for multiple projects that have nothing to do with COVID. Read more…
Rush Limbaugh's Advice on 'How to Be Happy' Revealed
Even after his death, Rush Limbaugh's radio show continues, sharing incredible insight into and from the man himself. Read more…
Trump Makes First Endorsement Since Leaving Office
How much sway does Trump still have? Read more…
Watch: Hispanic School Board Member Smacks Down Race-Baiting Board VP, Leaves Her Barely Hanging Onto Job
There was nothing racist or slave-related in any of the discussions about reopening schools. Now people are calling for the school board VP's job for making such outlandish allegations. Read more…
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Noah's Ark Was Real... And This Proves It.
'It makes the Bible come alive in a way that people can’t experience elsewhere,' Ham said. 'And it answers these skeptical questions.' Read more…
Chick-fil-A Employee Left in Tears When Co-Worker Gives Her Incredible Gift
'Seeing our team care for each other was our favorite highlight,' Chick-fil-A Appleton shared on Facebook. Read more…
Shelter's Heartbreaking Post About These Four Dogs Goes Viral: 'They Lost Everything'
'We were all so hopeful the daughter would recover and she would have her babies to come home to. Unfortunately that reunion will never happen,' the shelter posted on social media. Read more…
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Sports Star Body Slams LeBron James for Getting Political
'I don't like when people, when they have some kind of status, and they go and they do politics at the same time.' Read more…
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Dick Morris: Biden's Losing the Senate
'There is no appeasing Manchin; the best approach is to accommodate him.' Read more…
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