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Near-Total Abortion Ban Hits GOP Governor's Desk
The bill bans all abortions except those to save the life of the mother. Read more…
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Defund the Police Movement Just Scored a Major Win
Every Republican except for one voted against the bill. Read more…
Watch: WH Kills Feed After Biden Says Something They Don't Like
'Whatever you want me to do,' Biden said before the feed cut. Read more…
Leaked Docs Expose Alarming Truth About the Border That Biden Wants to Hide
Shelters for migrant children are near max capacity and the numbers crossing the border keep growing. Read more…
Comic Strip Suffers 'Unprecedented' Cancellation After Daring to Criticize Biden
Two strips that criticized Biden's transgender policy apparently sparked the cancellation. Read more…
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Heartless COVID Scandal Comes Back to Bite Nursing Home
The facility denied the accusations, but agreed to settle the lawsuit. Read more…
AOC Says $15 Minimum Wage Is Too Low, Offers Staggering Alternative
Millions would surely lose their jobs. Read more…
Biden Bombs Syria Nearly One Year After Trump's Genius Military Move
As Biden sinks us even deeper into the Syrian civil war, remember what happened during the attack on Al Asad Airbase. Read more…
Biden Sets Humiliating Record Just 43 Days Into Office
Biden's 15 most recent predecessors held a solo news conference within 33 days of taking office. Biden still hasn't. Read more…
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Here's How Women Are Being Taught to Undervalue Themselves
'When women understand their natural cycle and how it works they are more empowered to make [a] decision about their body and can identify issues that would warrant a discussion with their doctor.' Read more…
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Op-Ed: Come Home, Black America - The GOP Welcomes You with Open Arms
'Above all else, conservatism is an appealing message, empowering individual Americans to lead their best lives - regardless of skin color.' Read more…
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