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Bombshell Report Might Have Just Sunk Cuomo
Cuomo administration officials dramatically altered a nursing home death report around the same time the governor began writing his book. Read more…
Trump Adhesive Bandages
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Who better to put on a bandage but President Trump, the man who's been healing the wounds of America the last four years. Read more…
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Disgraced Swalwell Takes Legal Action Against Trump
'Trump directly incited the violence at the Capitol,' the lawsuit claims. Read more…
Fact-Check Disaster: PolitiFact Targets Marjorie Taylor Greene but Forgets to Consult Dictionary First
Dictionaries present a problem to the left because they make it much harder to shift the meaning of words like 'gender.' Read more…
Cuomo Accuser Just Dropped a Bombshell on Network TV
'I thought, "He's trying to sleep with me. The governor is trying to sleep with me."' Read more…
The First Full Month of Biden's Presidency Was Not Good for Black Americans
Black unemployment shot upward despite the rate falling for the country as a whole. Read more…
Biden Claims a Certain Race Is 'Taking Over the Country'
'You, my vice president, my speechwriter,' Biden said, listing off Indian-Americans he knows. Read more…
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Cuomo Busted: Nursing Home Smoking Gun Found, Here's How He Tried to Hide It
This comes as Cuomo defends himself from a growing sexual harassment scandal. Read more…
Biden Admin Backs Bill Forcing Cops to Do the Unthinkable to Women
The bill is named after George Floyd. Read more…
New Poll Will Have the Pro-Lockdown Crowd Shaking in Their Boots
The public is just about ready to be done with the pandemic. Read more…
NY Public Library Makes Huge Announcement as Leftists Come for Dr. Seuss
'As with all public libraries the New York Public Library does not censor books,' a library spokeswoman said. Read more…
As Predicted DC Attack Fails to Happen, Another 'Threat' Found to Extend Troop Deployment
This request relies on newfound 'threats' to the Capitol. Read more…
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Reality TV Star Dead at Age 30
'The Waldroup family is devastated over Lance passing,' the statement said. Read more…
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Mike Huckabee: Biden Is Making the Same Mistake Dems Made in 2008 - It Gave the GOP a Historical Win in 2010
'The closest Becerra has come to anything involving health or human services was trying to railroad some undercover reporters into prison.' Read more…
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