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Red White and Bald Eagle Mask - MADE IN USA
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
This mask is 100% made in the USA! This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. But it has been evaluated by me, and it got me into the grocery store. Read more…
MTG Shuts Down AOC After Sick Accusation
AOC did not want MTG to submit her evidence. Read more…

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Bombshell: Fauci Allegedly Visited CIA Offices to 'Influence' COVID-19 Investigation
A new allegation claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci may have helped steer the CIA's inconclusive review of how COVID started. Read more…
Fox News Host Praises Hillary at Annual Clinton Foundation Gala
Video emerged of Perino speaking at a Clinton Global Initiative session in which the Fox News host previously was announced as the moderator. Read more…
Fed-Up Dem Mayor Takes Page From GOP Gov.’s Playbook on Dealing with Illegals
"The city only has so many resources,” said the mayor. Read more…
J6 Prosecutor Faces Over a Decade in Prison
His alleged victim ended up in the hospital as a result. Read more…
S&P 100 Corporations After BLM Protests: Whites Need Not Apply
In the wake of BLM, white job seekers hardly had a prayer in corporate America. Read more…
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Trump’s Court Loss in NY Even Worse Than We Thought
“There was no trial … there was no jury.” Read more…
Disgusting: For 1 Hour’s Work, Oppressed Michelle Obama Reportedly Made Nearly 14 Times More Than Average American Annually
That’s a lot of money to spread the woke agenda, even for one so oppressed. Read more…
Library Known for Drag Queen Story Hour Abruptly Shuts Down
Local taxpayers were not happy with the library’s direction. Read more…
Watch: Illegal Alien Thanks Border Patrol for What Agent Did for Him
The border crisis shows no signs of stopping. Read more…
Trump Reveals Advice He Gave Pence - He Should Have Listened
Trump argues Pence would be more popular if he had followed the former president’s advice. Read more…
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