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Biden AG Nom Makes Terrifying Statement About Illegal Immigration
'I just haven't thought about that question,' Garland said at his confirmation hearing. Read more…
President Trump Is Back On The Attack Again
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
But it’s not against Joe Biden. It’s against Pharma Companies. You won’t believe he’s using this bombshell in the bible. Read more…
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Meghan McCain Savages Fauci, Calls for New Leader Who Can 'Understand Science'
'I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science,' McCain said. Read more…
Top Official Defies FL Gov's Rush Limbaugh Orders in Sick Statement
'I will notify all state offices under my direction to disregard [the governor's] forthcoming order to lower flags for Rush Limbaugh,' the official tweeted. Read more…
Auto Company Urged to Change Controversial Vehicle Name
'It does not honor us by having our name plastered on the side of a car,' the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation said. Read more…
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Pelosi Caught Sending Eye-Watering Amount to Help Dems Gerrymander - After Condemning Gerrymandering
Former Obama AG and participant in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal Eric Holder is involved as well. Read more…
Read It: Justice Thomas Savages Feckless John Roberts, Justices for Refusing PA Election Cases
Thomas has long been one of the most reliable conservatives on the high court. Read more…
Exposed: Early Leftists Wanted the Min. Wage to Destroy 'Undesirable' Americans
One progressive economist of the time said, some people 'must be stamped out' and 'shouldn't be allowed to breed.' Read more…
After Getting Their Way with Presidential Election, Dems Move to Flip House Race GOP Won
The political optics are tricky for Democrats who have just spent months on end demanding that election outcomes not be questioned. Read more…
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Deputies Respond to Call During Winter Storm, Take 1 Look at Family and Know
'These random acts of kindness make all the difference these days.' Read more…
Restaurant Owner Turns Heads After They See What He Did for Competitors
'COVID times it's very important to eat local, small mom-and-pop shops. He understands that, and for all of us right now it's a tough time.' Read more…
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Cal Thomas: Rush Limbaugh Existed Because the American Left Thought They Could Ignore Us
'Conservatives got tired of either being ignored, or having their ideas, values and beliefs demonized, and so when Limbaugh, especially, and other conservative commentators and outlets came along, accurately describing, defending, even promoting their beliefs, they flocked to them.' Read more…
Dan Calabrese: When Did Conservatives Start Fearing Competition from Other Countries?
'We shouldn’t fear the world. We should take it on. The consumers of the world would love to enjoy the great things we make here.' Read more…
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