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Dems Screwed Over Putting Americans First with Latest Move
Hundreds of thousands of people who did not receive federal stimulus checks will receive payments. Read more…
Escape Big Tech’s Censorship! Find Free Speech and Religion
Sponsored by CornerTable.us
Tired of being muzzled? Speak freely! Pull a chair up at the Corner Table! Like Facebook, but no censorship by Big Tech. Android app available. Read more…
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Biden Nom's Hateful Comments Come Back to Haunt Her...
Two committee votes for Tanden were postponed shortly before they were due to take place. Read more…
Pence Reveals What His Relationship with Trump Is Like Post-White House
Previous reports and speculation had suggested that the chaos of January drove a wedge between Trump and Pence. Read more…
Biden Officials Colluded with Iran to Undermine Trump: Report
Will the establishment media report on this? Read more…
Small Business Champions Devastating Left-Wing Policy
A 2019 Congressional Budget Office study found a federal minimum wage increase would eliminate 1.3 to 3.7 million jobs nationwide. Read more…
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New Biden Gun Plan Could Hit Tens of Millions of Law-Abiding Americans
'We firmly believe that the path forward should be focused on supporting and protecting responsible, law-abiding Americans - not criminalizing and punishing them,' read a letter sent to President Biden by the US Concealed Carry Association. Read more…
PA State Sen Gets Epic Revenge on Governor for Every Motorist Affected by His Toll Program
Should we begin naming taxes after those who originally propose them? Read more…
You Can No Longer Hug Your Mom in Great Britain if What This UK Minister Said Is True
'Asked if hugging would be allowed from May 17, Mr. Hancock told BBC Breakfast: "Yes. That is right. And that is the same date which you will be able to travel and stay overnight,"' the UK Daily Mail reported. Read more…
Watch: AG Nominee Garland Completely Betrays Women on Trans Sports Question
Garland refused to condemn the invasion of women's only domains by men now identifying as women. Read more…
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Family Shocked When Postcard Shows Up That Dad Wrote 77 Years Ago
'It was the most surreal thing on a Friday night to suddenly read a postcard that Dad had written 77 years ago when he was training to be a sailor in the Navy,' his daughter said. Read more…
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What CNN Reporter Did After Tiger Woods Crash Is Being Called 'Disgusting'
'I think it was completely insensitive,' a viewer wrote. Read more…
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Ben Shapiro: Democrats Just Found a New Way to Destroy the 1st Amendment
'This clever gambit is rooted in the conflation between "disinformation" and "misinformation" promulgated by the establishment media since 2016.' Read more…
Fred Weinberg: 3 Reasons the Lawsuit Against Mike Lindell Will Blow Up in Dominion's Face
'What this appears to be is an attempt to litigate MyPillow out of business.' Read more…
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