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Biden DHS Secretary Loses Touch with Reality with Absurd Claim About Border
'It took the new administration only a few weeks to turn this unprecedented accomplishment into a self-inflicted humanitarian and national security disaster' at the border, former President Donald Trump said. Read more…
Democrats In Panic After Biblical Remedy Is Exposed.
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
And how it's turning atheists into believers Colorado Pastor claims to have indisputable evidence. Read more…
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Biden Erases Iconic American Author
Progressives are seeking to silence Dr. Seuss for alleged racist 'undertones' in his books. Read more…
Cuomo Gets Bad News from Dem Lawmaker as Third Accuser Steps Forward
'The time has come. The Governor must resign.' Read more…
Shocking Video: Live News Report Catches Gun Battle on Camera
'Officer-involved shooting in the middle of my live report,' the reported wrote. Read more…
In Craziest Warning Yet, Climate Scientists Say Global Warming to Cause Cooling in Europe
One report completes the picture with stills from the massively over-the-top disaster movie 'The Day After Tomorrow.' Read more…
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Expert Reveals Shocking Number of Jobs That Will Be Lost Due to Biden's COVID Package
He estimated those five to seven million Americans will be jobless within six months of the bill passing. Read more…
Gut-Wrenching Number of Law Enforcement Officers Shot So Far in 2021
The National Fraternal Order of Police said 13 officers were shot in 10 separate 'ambush' attacks. Read more…
The FDR Speech That Biden Should Give but Doesn't Have the Guts to
'I regard reduction in federal spending as one of the most important issues of this campaign. In my opinion, it is the most direct and effective contribution that government can make to business,' said FDR. Read more…
Baby Boy Comes 'Back to Life' in Medical Miracle
The boy has spent most of his short life fighting. Read more…
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Porn Star Makes Incredible Discovery in Hotel After Boyfriend's Murder
'Something about the word of God gave me so much hope, so much encouragement during one of the hardest seasons that I’ve ever been through in life.' Read more…
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California High School Students Just Took Major Action Against Newsom
An attorney involved in the suit said he is fighting 'to ensure that all youths, girls and boys, have the same right to play sports, indoor and outdoor, as college athletes and professional athletes do.' Read more…
Athletes Representing US Are Now Officially Free to Kneel for Anthem
A paralympic athlete was removed from the council for a speech he gave before the vote. Read more…
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Op-Ed: America Has Opted for the Same Lie Sold by Stalin, Mao and Hitler
'As a nation, we have willfully untethered ourselves from the anchor that once guided the morality of this country.' Read more…
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