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NY Judge Orders Release of Men Convicted for Gruesome Crime
The men had been incarcerated for 24 years. Read more…
Pastor Makes Shocking Lockdown Discovery
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
A missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are trying to suppress. Read more…
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South Carolina Might Add New Method of Execution
Legislators said inmates were using a loophole to avoid execution. Read more…
Migrants' Attempt to Illegally Cross Border Turns Into River Rescue
Border Patrol agents rescued 13 illegal immigrants, including six children, stranded on a sinking raft. Read more…
Cali Reporter Covering Crime Discovers How Dangerous the Lib Utopia Really Is
California is becoming a dangerous place, like this reporter found out firsthand. Read more…
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Biden Forced to Personally Intervene as Progressive Push Falls Apart
Democrats only moved forward after Biden phoned in personally. Read more…
Damning Study Shows How Much Filth China Puts into the Environment
Every 16 days, China emits more carbon than Australia does in a year. Read more…
Lib Outlet's Pitiful Article on Cuomo Reveals MeToo Was a Joke All Along
The article said that it was a good thing that Cuomo hasn't resigned. Read more…
Chess Star Talks About Black and White Game Pieces, Hit with Sick Punishment
During a show with a chess grandmaster, the punishment hit. Read more…
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Woman Takes Bold Stand Against Popular Pro-Abortion Jewelry
'We discovered that there were over 70 brands that gave back to a culture of death,' the pro-life designer said. Read more…
Military Family Begs for Return of Son's Ashes
'It didn’t hit me that our stuff was gone, it hit me that our son’s ashes were in there,' Kassandra Benton said. 'That was the first thing I realized - Wyatt was gone.' Read more…
Mom Killed Saving Lives of Her 5-Year-Old Sons
'I cannot believe that this man wasn't in prison for his entire life for all of his warrants,' her mother said. Read more…
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