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Trump Unveils Huge Plan with Familiar Name at Helm
'MAGA supporters and candidates supporting President Trump’s America First agenda are going to be impressed with the political operation being built out here.' Read more…
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Astronomical Amount of Money Federal Workers Will Receive from COVID Relief
The money would go to federal workers whose children are enrolled in a school that hasn't returned to full-time in-person learning. Read more…
Live from CPAC: 'Black Guns Matter' Founder Reveals Where 2nd Amend Has Been 'Effectively Eroded'
'We have to make urban centers powerful in regards to the Second Amendment,' Toure told The Western Journal.

'We don't use those rights, we will absolutely lose them.'
Read more…
Biden's Own Words Come Back to Haunt Him as He Launches Airstrikes
Both Biden and press secretary Jen Psaki slammed Trump for taking similar actions during his presidency. Read more…
Black Lives Matter Is in Deep Trouble Thanks to This New Group
One of the group's founders noted their approach to taking on BLM was influenced by the Japanese martial art aikido, 'where you take the energy, the energy of your opponent, and you deflect it and you direct it to your purposes.' Read more…
Dems' $15 Minimum Wage Dreams Crushed
$15 minimum wage cannot be included in the COVID relief bill, the Senate parliamentarian ruled. Read more…
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Watch: Dem Rep Gets Brutal Fact Check from GOP Rep on House Floor
Lee repeated the hoax during a hearing titled 'The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in America.' Read more…
Red Alert: Biden Admin's Plan for Illegal Immigrants and US Homes Revealed
Yes, taxpayer dollars will be used to fly migrants on commercial airlines. Read more…
China Subjected US Officials to Humiliating COVID Test: State Department
The officials said that China admitted to the mistake. Read more…
Listen: Ted Cruz Reveals Horrific Consequences of Biden's Immigration Plan
Cruz called Biden's policy the ‘most radical immigration plan proposed in history.’ Read more…
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Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Shot, Two French Bulldogs Stolen
Gaga has offered a hefty reward for the return of her two dogs. Read more…
Doorbell Cam Catches 'Guardian Angel'
'If he is watching this, I want him to know that he makes me so proud.' Read more…
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Itxu Díaz: Joe Biden is Like an Opossum
'As in nature, there are few things more dangerous than a government that is determined to appear harmless in front of the general public.' Read more…
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