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BLM Co-Founder Doesn't Want You to See Where She Just Moved
She paid millions to live in a neighborhood where there are essentially no black people. Read more…
Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Trump Mask
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
If they're going to force me to wear a mask, this is the one I'll be wearing. Any time something horrible inevitably happens, I'll just point to this mask. Don't blame me, I voted for Trump. Read more…
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Your Taxpayer Dollars Were Spent Helping Hunter Biden Enjoy Drugs and Prostitutes
The Bidens were not supposed to have Secret Service protection in 2018. Read more…
Faith Wins: SCOTUS Hands Lib Gov Major Rebuke
This isn't the first time the Supreme Court struck down a lower court's ruling on COVID restrictions. Read more…
Man Killed 2 Babies, Here's What California Taxpayers Were Forced to Do for Him
The people of California were forced to pay for this. Read more…
Firefighters Make Gruesome Discovery in Foster House of Horrors
Two adults are in custody on abuse charges. Read more…
Salon Owner Who Defied Lockdown Emerges Victorious
Luther gained notoriety when she refused to close her store. Read more…
Trump May Return to Social Media - Here's How
Trump hasn't been allowed on social media for months. Read more…
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George Soros Foundation's Accounts Reportedly Seized by Military
The Myanmar regime reportedly has frozen the accounts and asserts that the organization has violated the country's laws.
Read more…
China's Latest Military Move Is Dire for US, But Biden Seems Oblivious
China is preparing for a confrontation. Read more…
Watch: Fox's Doocy Confronts Psaki with Biden's Own Words - She Doesn't Like It
Joe Biden previously called court-packing a 'bonehead' idea. Read more…
Can You Spot the Big Problem in This Teachers' Union Pres' Pic?
Weingarten has been a leader in the effort to keep schools closed. Read more…
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Officers Race to Save Puppy Trapped in Cornhole Board
Family members tried everything they could to free their puppy, Ace, from the hole before calling the police for help.
Read more…
Man Drives Lawnmower Across State for Heartwarming Reason
Chip Hawthorne set out on Thursday on his 'Mowathon' across the state of Florida to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

'Sometimes you have a chance to do something great for others, this is mine,' Hawthorne said.
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Missing 2-Year-Old Found Lying Face Down on Rock in Stream
Rescuers raced against the clock to find the young girl who'd wandered up the mountain.

'The mountain was virtually in their backyard, and I mean there were streams and ponds and, you know, all these things that, you know, we were all worried about.'
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Leftist Narrative Shattered as Identity of Latest Mass Shooter Revealed
The incident happened in South Carolina. Read more…
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