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Sickening Death of 1-Year-Old Child Leads to Murder Charge
The 24-year-old suspect was babysitting the child. Read more…
Donald Trump Garden Gnome
Sponsored by Patriot Depot
Our best gnome ever is here to keep pests out and patriotism in! This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to ward off liberals in their neighborhood. Read more…
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Top Military Official Issues Disturbing Warning
Russia's nuclear modernization is 'now roughly 80% complete while we are at zero,' the official said. Read more…
LA Homeless Get Major News from Judge
Homelessness has been an issue in Los Angeles for a while. Read more…
Riots Break Out Despite Guilty Verdict for Derek Chauvin
A man clad in all black was filmed punching a police officer in the face. Read more…
Capitol Police Make Decision on Security Measures After Chauvin Trial
The decision was made minutes after Chauvin's fate was determined. Read more…
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Alert: Biden Admin Trying to Indoctrinate Kids with Leftist Nonsense
Biden signaled this move with executive action. Read more…
Still Think the Media Isn't Biased? Watch This CBS Segment on Pelosi
The host called her 'the most powerful woman in American history.' Read more…
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Retired Sheriff and Beloved K9 Die Just Hours Apart
Sheriff Dan McClelland served Geauga County in Ohio for 44 years and spent 13 years as sheriff until his retirement. McClelland passed away at the age of 67, and his K9 partner, a 16-year-old Chihuahua and rat terrier mix named Midge, passed just hours later. Read more…
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Fred Weinberg: Never Forget if It Weren't for George Floyd's Own Actions, He Would Be Alive Today
'I’m sorry, but every time a black criminal is killed resisting arrest is not an excuse for a riot.' Read more…
Mike Huckabee: The Truth Comes Out - Sicknick Died of Natural Causes
'Apparently, those who dared to express doubts about the fire extinguisher story were labeled on social media as “Sicknick Truthers.” Hadn’t heard that one, but it doesn’t surprise me.' Read more…
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