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Watch: Agitators Surround Portland Cop, What Happens Next Is Even Worse
The guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial is not enough for these people. Read more…
Shocking Bombshell Could Spell Disaster for Democrats
Sponsored by TheExodusEffect
This missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to suppress. Read more…
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Biden Makes Huge Climate Change Move
Biden also said he is considering a 'carbon tariff.' Read more…
Biden Expected to Make Massive Foreign Policy Change
Some nations aren't going to like this. Read more…
House Dems Trying Cheap Power Grab to Tip Balance in Their Favor for Good
D.C. statehood would bring about two additional Democratic senators. Read more…
Pelosi's Metal Detectors Backfire as Top Dem Gets Busted Skipping Them
He would be the first Democrat fined under the new rule. Read more…
US Senate Candidate Has 1 Message Key to GOP Gaining Minority Support
'America is great because it's the land of opportunity for all, and we've never stopped trying to make this a better place for all people,' Senate candidate Mark Walker told The Western Journal. Read more…
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Fauci Narrowly Avoids Wrath of GOP Rep as Dem Chair Steps In
Jordan tried to press Fauci on the COVID case numbers in lockdown states. Read more…
Dershowitz Makes Huge Chauvin Call: 'The Judge Made a Terrible Mistake'
This could change everything, and would likely upset many. Read more…
Watch: Video of Cop Pulling Over Biker Shows How Important Police Are
The deputy helped the biker work through his emotions. Read more…
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Queen Elizabeth Opens Up About Husband's Death
The queen released a statement on her 95th birthday, revealing a 'period of great sadness' for her family. Read more…
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Dick Morris: Don't Disarm Police Facing Rioters
'Must we wait for another round of riots in our cities before we repeal these restrictions and permit police to act effectively?' Read more…
Op-Ed: The Chauvin Trial Proves Americans Can Now Be Jailed if Enough Rioters Threaten to Show Up
'One of the only responsibilities of government is to protect citizens from domestic threats. This mob is a domestic threat, ever-present and ever-destructive.' Read more…
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