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Shocking Bombshell Could Spell Disaster for Democrats
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This missing ingredient in the bible that certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to suppress. Read more…
Zuckerberg Coming Around to Trump? Billionaire Ditches Biden, Praises Trump in Shocking Video
Mark Zuckerberg shocked the world when he praised Trump's actions following the shooting. Read more…

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Judge Sets Big New Rules for Rapper’s Trial
The case is on hold, with jurors due back in August. Read more…
Massive African Country Drops Bad News for Meta
The African nation is one of the global front-runners for the largest number of internet users. Read more…
Woman Kills Bugs with New Strategy, But Soon Admits to Manslaughter for It
A young girl was killed on her birthday after a woman enacted a reckless strategy to handle a bedbug infestation. Read more…
WSJ Rages After Reporter Is Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison
He will be imprisoned in a high-security facility. Read more…
Man Suspected of Wanting to Target Olympic Torch Rally Arrested, Sentenced
A Wednesday arrest led to a swift trial and sentencing. Read more…
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Man Who Shot Reagan Speaks Out After Attempted Trump Assassination
John Hinckley Jr. is in a rare position that lends serious weight to this insight. Read more…
It's Time to Stop Fighting God for Control
Sometimes we think God didn't hear us because we don't see the answer to our prayers right away. Read more…
Here's How the Church Can Welcome People with Anxiety
Check out these five simple ways your church can accomplish the mission of welcoming, encouraging and strengthening those struggling with anxiety. Read more…
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Murillo: Trump Will Need an Even Bigger Miracle Now
“It will encompass virtually everything you see and hear for the next several weeks. Everything from late-night talk shows to ads featuring movie stars and pop singers will flood the airwaves and social media.” Read more…
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