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Watch: CNN Reporter Hit with Truth Bomb on Live TV
'Y'all need to get up out of here.' Read more…
How To Entirely Empty Your Bowels Every Morning - Top Surgeon Explains How
Sponsored by Gundry MD
Dr. Gundry explains why these "healthy" foods may be causing constipation and weight gain... Read more…
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As Looters Run Rampant, Armed Civilians Take Matters Into Their Own Hands
Police say 40 people were arrested in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, overnight. Read more…
Court Makes Huge Ruling on Unborn Babies with Down Syndrome
Unborn babies with Down syndrome may not be selectively aborted in Ohio. Read more…
Major Companies Go Woke, Oppose Election Integrity Bills
Three dozen Michigan-based companies have come out against GOP election integrity bills. Read more…
Biden Admin Announces Total Reversal of One of Trump's Big Moves
Trump was seeking to bring military personnel home. Biden not only stopped that but is also sending more abroad. Read more…
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Analysis: Jaw-Dropping Projection for 2021 Illegal Encounters Revealed
Numbers like these haven't been seen in over a decade. Read more…
Watch: Nikki Haley Makes Big Statement About 2024 Election
Nikki Haley has some things to say about the 2024 election. Read more…
Watch: Students Forced to Learn the Truth About GA Voting Law
Check out what happens when they find out the voting bill is really Georgia's new law. Read more…
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Stranger's Act of Kindness Changes Homeless Man's Life Forever
'This is a whole ’nother new beginning that God blessed me with, so I’m trying to get on this right good track that he wants me to stay on,' the man said. Read more…
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F. Peter Brown: 5 Devastating Side Effects of Biden's Corporate Tax Hike
'While infrastructure needs to be addressed, the negatives outweigh the positives in Biden’s plan.' Read more…
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