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The End of the Chauvin Trial Is Underway, City Prepares for Worst
The Chauvin trial is soon coming to an end. Read more…
How To Get Rid of Deep Belly Fat (Do This At Home)
Sponsored by Live Cell Research
Los Angeles Doctor reveals a radical new technique that not only fights potentially deadly belly fat, but also leads to slimmer waists, improved organ function, and perhaps even a longer, healthier life. He’s offering to share the technique…here. Read more…
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Residents Hear Knock at Door, Open It to Nasty COVID Surprise
Many were caught off guard after answering a knock at the door only to find two people in medical gear. Read more…
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Biden Talked Tough on China, 3 Weeks Later Look What Happened
We're still waiting for Biden's tough action. Read more…
Satellite Makes Big Find in a Chinese Shipyard
America's Ford-class carriers have a worrying new adversary. Read more…
Group Targets Chauvin Defense Witness in Extremely Disturbing Fashion
A use-of-force expert who testified that Derek Chauvin's actions were 'justified' appeared to be the target. Read more…
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Rescue Animal Found Starving and Cut Up Is Released to Return to Her Life in the Wild
'Join us in wishing Eloise a fond farewell as she returns home!' Read more…
Zoo Elephant Dies After Contracting Horrific Virus
The disease has affected young Asian elephants in the last 20 years. Read more…
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Op-Ed: Alcohol Is So Deadly That in 5 Years It Could Kill as Many as COVID Has in Just 1
'This is the month for all of us to think about alcohol abuse and what each of us can do to help those in its grip.' Read more…
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