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Punk Pulls Gun in Argument, Then the Unthinkable Happens
This senseless violence turned Times Square into a nightmare. Read more…
Worse Than Sugar? The Ketchup Ingredient That Wrecks Your Health
Sponsored by Gundry MD
There is 1 “toxic” vegetable that you should remove from your diet IMMEDIATELY. Learn more...>> Read more…
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Small Painted Rock May Cost Woman Custody of Her Child
The move has many concerned about violations of the mother's rights. Read more…
Cyberattack Cripples Oil Pipeline - Here's How It Affects Gas Prices
The attack shut down nearly half of the East Coast's transportation fuel supply. Read more…
Alert: China Probing Small Island Near Hawaii
This puts a Chinese project uncomfortably close to American shores. Read more…
Police Respond to Simultaneous Fire and Deadly Shooting
Authorities said it's too early to tell how the shooting and fire were related. Read more…
AZ Senate Responds to Biden Admin's Warnings About Election Audit
The Biden administration has raised concerns about the election audit underway in Maricopa County.
Read more…
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Watch: Quick-Thinking Driver Staves Off Carjacking with Nothing but a Gas Pump
This is dangerous, but sometimes the risk is worth it. Read more…
States Plead for Full Stop to Biden's Harmful New ICE Rule
'Upholding the rule of law and preserving public safety must always come before any political or special interest group agendas,' the Arizona attorney general said. Read more…
Sick Leftist Has Horrifying Wish for Elon Musk
‘Listen, usually when I say I hope someone dies in a fire, I’m being hyperbolic. But, like, Tesla’s do burn for four hours straight, so like … I’m not gonna be mad about it,’ she wrote. Read more…
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Op-Ed: Media Creates False Binary of 'Stolen Election' or 'Liz Cheney'
'There’s a whole lot of middle ground between Trump’s stolen election theory and Cheney’s worldview.' Read more…
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