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Biden Makes Claim So Outrageously False That Even CNN Had to Fact Check It
CNN found that Biden made a 'substantial' error. Read more…
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Biden Admin Reverses Rule to Help Illegals as Americans Still Struggle with COVID Aftermath
Rep. Virginia Foxx called this reversal 'an insult to every American.' Read more…
Red State Moves to Thwart Biden's Crackdown on Gun Ownership
Idaho will not enforce any gun control rules that violate its constitution. Read more…
Watch: Security Camera Captures Jaw-Dropping Moment Crowded Balcony Collapses
This shocking video captures the balcony collapsing underneath party-goers' feet. Read more…
Israel Kills Major Hamas Target in Retaliation for Night of Terror
Israel was terrorized by hundreds of Hamas rockets. Read more…
Hundreds of Gas Stations Are in Total Crisis Mode as Shortage Rages
At least one governor declared a state of emergency and another signed an executive order meant to address the crisis. Read more…
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Facebook Board Member Goes Rogue, Confirms What We All Suspected
This is a damning take from behind the curtain. Read more…
Voter Fraud Bombshell: Former Candidate Indicted on 109 Counts
The charges against Zul Mirza Mohamed all revolve around mail-in ballots. Read more…
Veterans Score Huge Win as NYC Flies White Flag in Face of Lawsuit
'We shouldn’t have to go to court to march in a parade to support our fallen veterans.' Read more…
New York Times Engages in Major Cover-Up for Massive Gas Shortage in America
We've found evidence that shows the New York Times is not telling the truth. Read more…
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Fred Weinberg: Getting Rid of Liz Cheney Is the Start to Taking Back Our Government
'I think that Trump was a breath of fresh air in a very musty basement. He actually remembered what politicians exist to do - to reflect the will of the people who vote them into office.' Read more…
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