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Biden Launches Gun Grab Office, Appoints Ironic ‘Key Leader’ to Run Things
The White House said the new office will implement “executive and legislative action” to crack down on guns. Read more…

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Pentagon Ensures Big Bucks Will Keep Flowing to Zelenskyy Even if There’s a Government Shutdown
“Operation Atlantic Resolve is an excepted activity,” said a DOD spokesperson. Read more…
'Go Somewhere Else': NY Dem Gov. Has Finally Had Enough of the Illegal Aliens She Welcomed
The sanctuary state of New York is finally telling illegals, “No Más.” Read more…
Trump Reacts to Rupert Murdoch’s Exit From Fox, Suggests Another Foe Who Should Hit The Road
Last month, Trump skipped the first GOP debate hosted by Murdoch’s Fox News. Read more…
IRS Whistleblower Exposes DOJ’s Attempt to Save Hunter Biden
Hunter was given multiple attempts to avoid indictment. Read more…
Young Actor’s Cause of Death Released
“The only comfort we have is knowing Angus is now reunited with his dad, who was his best friend,” the family said. Read more…
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Mom of Punk Who Allegedly Recorded Heartless Hit-and-Run on Retired Police Chief Makes Infuriating Statement
A retired police chief was run down and left for dead, allegedly by these two teens in a stolen car. Read more…
Dem Sinking in Corruption Scandal … Remember What He Said About Trump?
He targeted Trump, but now he’s finding himself in the crosshairs. Read more…
Judge Strikes Down 'High-Capacity' Magazine Ban in Savage Order
A law punishing law-abiding citizens was struck down with some stern words. Read more…
County Cancels American Christian Heritage Month Following Left-Wing Pressure Campaign
Christianity played a foundational role in our nation’s history, whether this county acknowledges it or not. Read more…
Coach Sanders' Midgame Talk About Player’s Father Helped Win Game
The player’s father was incarcerated. Read more…
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