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NFL Player Known for Kneeling Is Back
Tim Tebow has embraced a positional change for his comeback. Read more…
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We're sick of it! It's my life and my freedom and I want it back! I will not apologize for being a God-fearing, Bill-of-Rights lovin' American! Read more…
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Alert: Biden Admin Launches New Rule Targeting Guns
Biden promised to crack down on this. Read more…
Preacher Behind Bars for What He Just 'Incited' People to Do
Religious liberties are under assault in Western nations. Read more…
Rising GOP Star Reveals Plans for New Leadership Role
Stefanik would reportedly rather serve in a particular committee. Read more…
Spanish Teacher Ripped from Post After Creepy Act with Shirtless Man
One little oversight put this teacher in a world of trouble. Read more…
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Biden Lashes Out at Cops in New Statement ‘Honoring’ Fallen Officers
Biden is regurgitating BLM talking points while supposedly honoring law enforcement. Read more…
Biden Waives Ethics Rules to Ram Through Shady Favor for Union Bosses
The Biden administration hasn't been shy about its cozy relationship with unions. Read more…
FB Board Member Gives Infuriatingly Smug Response When Asked to Justify Trump Ban
The facts of the event appear to paint a much different picture. Read more…
Watch the Powerful Moment Female Cop Carries Wounded Child to Safety
A very heroic moment from this NYPD officer. Read more…
USMC to Shrink and Change in Fundamental Way
The force is shifting to meet new threats.

Read more…
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Op-Ed: As the Pledge of Allegiance Goes, So Go Our Schools
'According to the Pulitzer Center’s 2020 annual report, more than 3,500 classrooms incorporate materials from The 1619 Project, an attempt to reframe American history around slavery.' Read more…
Cal Thomas: Let's Have Some Fun and Force Lawmakers to Fill Out Their Tax Forms on C-SPAN
'The U.S. government takes in record amounts of revenue. The Biden administration wants more. The problem has never been revenue, but spending.' Read more…
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