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The Radical Democrats Efforts To Hide This Secret
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Along with the secular media and fake news pundits want to censor this message. Read more…
Obama Judge Gives 'Outrageous' Ruling in Transgender's Favor
Republican Wisconsin state Rep. Janel Brandtjen called the move “outrageous” and “incomprehensible.” Read more…

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Investigation Into Biden Official’s Calamitous EV Road Trip Launched
Committee Republicans called the trip a “taxpayer-funded publicity stunt.” Read more…
NFL Star Shares Nightmare About Being Injected with Unknown Substance
“I haven’t done anything wrong.” Read more…
GOP Rep. Shares Big News About His Family
Crenshaw and his wife gave their daughter a meaningful name. Read more…
Horrible Accident Occurs at Fulton County DA’s Office
These are the same people going after Trump. Read more…
Prominent Tech CEO Found Murdered in Her Own Apartment
“The circumstances surrounding Pava's death are deeply distressing,” her company said in a statement. Read more…
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Gaetz Delivers Rebuke to Kevin McCarthy: 'We Will See if They Bail Out Our Failed Speaker'
“This is the only way to liberate this House in this country, from the scourge of governing by continuing resolution and omnibus legislation.” Read more…
Biden’s Dog Does it Again
“One time you can say it’s an accident, but now multiple incidents, it’s a serious issue.” Read more…
Gaetz Wants His Pay Withheld - Here’s Why
He sent a letter to the chief administrative officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more…
Megyn Kelly Makes Stomach-Turning Statement About Trump
Kelly is not the only one who thinks this. Read more…
Biden Gives Up After Committing Embarrassing Gaffe
“I was gonna get back to acronyms and I’m gonna withstand. not doing that.” Read more…
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