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Warning: Gruesome Discovery Made - Missing Actor Found Dead, Body Hidden
Clues found on and around the body hint at terrifying final moments. Read more…
If You're Taking Metformin, You Need To See This
Sponsored by SimpleBloodSugarFix
Why doctors "In The Know" no longer prescribe Metformin Read more…

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Rescue Efforts Continue Overnight After Six-Story Apartment Building Collapses
First responders have pulled 8 people from the wreckage so far. Read more…
Conservatives Set Sights on Another Major Chain After In-Store Discovery
It’s no longer just Bud Light and Target. Read more…
Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for US Senator
Senator Graham already has issued a response to the warrant. Read more…
GOP Rep. Calls Debt Ceiling Deal an ‘Insult,’ Vows to Vote Against
The D.C. Swamp has proposed the largest debt ceiling increase in our nation’s history.” Read more…
Foreign President Filmed Outside Polling Station - Look What He Is Handing People
“This isn't the worst of it. Just the most brazen.” Read more…
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Man Makes Disturbing Discovery Next to Kids Section at Target
Guess what has been placed right next to the kids section? Read more…
Non-Binary' Ex-Biden Official Had Big Role in Dodgers’ Chosen Anti-Christian Group
The blasphemous group to be honored at a Los Angeles Dodgers game was once led by a now-disgraced former Biden official. Read more…
Camera Captures Wokeness on Dog Treat Package
This stuff is getting beyond ridiculous. Read more…
Watch: NBA Superstar Gives Perfect Response to Question About Fatherhood
When asked if being a new dad has helped him become a better basketball player, the two-time league MVP didn’t mince words. Read more…
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Op-Ed: This Memorial Day Marks a Stark Change Among Veterans - America's Future Is at Stake
What the veterans of the war on terror are expressing is something America has never heard before. What caused it? Read more…
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