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What God Told Ex President Trump Is A Biblical Bombshell
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But it’s NOT against The Liberal Democrats. It’s against Pharma Companies that profit from your suffering. And you won’t believe how he’s using it. Read more…
WH Chief Quietly Pushing Cabinet Members to Help Biden's Campaign: Report
White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients is reportedly putting pressure on cabinet members. Read more…

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Onlooker Reveals What Happened Moments Before Boy Flew Through Air
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James Woods Gives Explosive Revelation About Hollywood
The veteran actor later deleted his tweet. Read more…
Experts Warn of 'Big Problem' as Biden Admin Prepares Stove Crackdown
“A lot of the policies we're seeing that are designed to restrict natural gas may end up having a counterproductive result.” Read more…
'Joyous Day' Turns Tragic as Deadly Mass Shooting Rocks Graduation
“It's a selfish act. It's a senseless act. And to me, it's cowardice,” the city’s mayor said. Read more…
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Bud Light Suffers Biggest Loss Yet
Bud Light is dethroned by another brand. Read more…
Pelosi’s First Pitch at Nationals' Game Goes Awfully Wrong
While still awful, many people thought her pitch was actually better than Fauci’s. Read more…
GOP Senator Destroys Biden Nominee: ‘Don’t Make Me Do This'
Hawley had one word in response to this lady wanting a promotion: “NO” Read more…
Bombshell 2A Ruling: Judge Allows Entirely New Group of People to Own Firearms
A US Federal Appeals Court’s recent decision is a huge blow to the gun control crowd. Read more…
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Drollinger: Societies Embrace Same-Sex Marriage at Their Own Peril
Don’t be fooled. Know your Bible on this matter! Read more…
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