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Explosive Report: Christian School Shooter Had Connection to Child She Murdered
“Something didn't sit right with her,” the school’s former pastor said. Read more…

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Look What Whoopi Had on Her Shirt Just After Christian Kids Were Slaughtered
Mindless talking heads like Whoopi Goldberg attempt to use Nashville tragedy as sick opportunity to discredit prayer in favor of statism. Read more…
Odd Detail Noticed About Obama’s Hand
Michelle Obama recently revealed she "couldn't stand" her husband for 10 years, or roughly one-third of their marriage. Read more…
Nashville Killer’s Manifesto to Be Released Only After Biden FBI Is Done: Report
The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is reportedly combing through the manifesto. Read more…
Train Carrying Hazardous Material Derails, Erupts in Flames
Environmental Protection Agency personnel are already headed to the site. Read more…
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Whoopi Wears Sick Anti-Christian Sweatshirt on 'The View'
Whoopi Goldberg’s feelings are clear. Read more…
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Op-Ed: Patriots Should Engage in a Protest Fitting for Our Nation in Distress
Donald Trump recently encouraged patriots to protest. But how? Read more…
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