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Biden's Brother Changes His Story in a Big Way During Testimony: Report
James Biden testified before the House Impeachment Inquiry Read more…

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Red Cross Official Makes Shocking Admission to Undercover Journalist About COVID-19 Vaccine Status
Red Cross official reveals COVID-19 vaccine status impact on blood donations in interview with an undercover journalist. Read more…
Alabama Player's 'Vile' Cheap Shot on Florida Player Sparks Outcry
“Disgusting and classless move.” Read more…
Students Left in Tears After Substitute Teacher Reportedly Forces Class to See 'Inappropriate Images'
The school’s principal found “several students crying.” Read more…
US Chief Petty Officer Charged with Horrific Crime
He had been assigned to a guided-missile destroyer. Read more…
Matt Gaetz Spots ‘Alarming’ Scene Outside Local FBI Office
Many of Gaetz’s followers blasted the FBI with sarcasm over its relentless pursuit of those who attended the Jan. 6, 2021, rally. Read more…
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Powerful Union Breaks 20-Year Precedent to Hand Trump a Huge Win
This will be a tough one for Biden to swallow. Read more…
Biden Gets Rid of 'Family Pet' Commander, Records Show They Put the Dog Through Hell
This high-needs dog is not a lifelong family pet, but a recent acquisition by the Bidens. Read more…
Watch: Kamala Harris Says She Is 'Absolutely Ready' to Be President
Americans may not be as sure as she is. Read more…
Lefty Puppet Master George Soros Makes Chilling Move to Control 2024 Election Narrative
This move is in keeping with a lifetime of Soros' strategy. Read more…
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