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Co-Host Cut Off on 'The View' While Praising Republican
She threw her arms up in frustration. Read more…

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Multiple Deaths Reported After US Chemical Incident, Evacuation Underway
Specialists are currently working the deadly scene. Read more…
Liberal Gov. Deploys Nat'l Guard to Help Illegals Apply for Housing
The governor’s move comes courtesy of taxpayer dollars. Read more…
Watch: Fed-Up Mom Begs Cops to ‘Lock Up’ Her Son
"I've been begging and pleading — please arrest him, lock him up,” the mom said. Read more…
Judge Rules on ‘The Blind Side’ Conservatorship
Oher claims he was unaware of the details of the conservatorship. Read more…
House GOP Heavyweights Floated to Replace McCarthy
He’s not the only GOP heavyweight being considered as a possible replacement for McCarthy. Read more…
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Curt Schilling in Hot Water Again… This Time He Might Be in the Wrong
Schilling asked for prayers for his sick friend – there was just one problem. Read more…
Ex-NASCAR Driver Makes Big Move Against Democrat
“Regular hard-working folks are getting held down by out-of-touch, out-of-state elites.” Read more…
Fox Business Makes Mindboggling Stupid Move to Open Debate
Fox continues to make wildly unforced errors, sacrificing viewers for what appear to be diversity points. Read more…
Over 200 Dems Side with GOP in Devastating Blow to Biden
This is a brutal blow to the Biden administration’s agenda. Read more…
GOP Candidates Irate Trump Didn’t Show Up to Debate, Argue Over Curtains
Candidates slammed former President Donald Trump for not showing up to the second GOP presidential debate … and then proved why he shouldn’t have bothered.
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