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AZ Gov. Steps Down, Leaves Republican to Fill In
With the governor and the next two in line unable to fill the position, Treasurer Kimberly Yee has taken over as acting governor. Read more…

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Hollywood Star Airs Out Biden Grievances
“It’s so embarrassing.” Read more…
Wires to Hunter Biden Raise Major Red Flags
“Bank records don’t lie, but President Joe Biden does.” Read more…
Trump Campaign Calls for All GOP Debates to Be Canceled
Not only does Trump not want to be at the debates, he doesn’t want them happening at all. Read more…
Football Coach Dies After Collapsing on Field Just Before Game
A statement from the school district said the coach “will be sincerely missed by all who knew him.” Read more…
Top Canadian Politician Resigns Over Ukrainian Nazi Scandal
Canadian legislators, along with Trudeau and Zelenskyy, gleefully applauded an actual Nazi last week. Read more…
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As Biden Pickets, Trump Deals Brutal Truth About 'The Only Time Joe Biden Has Ever Gotten His Hands Dirty'
Trump made the remarks after “Union Joe” posed for a photo op with striking auto workers earlier in the day. Read more…
Timing of New Ruling Against Trump Follows Familiar Pattern
The Democrats are shameless in their use of the legal system to try to hurt Trump's candidacy. Read more…
GOP Debate: DeSantis Sends Message to Beijing, Tells Them to Start Packing
DeSantis brought two major issues involving Beijing that candidates haven’t been talking about to the forefront of the debate. Read more…
Tucker Teams Up with Fellow Ex-Fox Star
Tucker’s last stunt blew Fox out of the water. Read more…
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