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What God Told Ex President Trump Is A Biblical Bombshell
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But it’s NOT against The Liberal Democrats. It’s against Pharma Companies that profit from your suffering. And you won’t believe how he’s using it. Watch Now Read more…
Biden Just Got Humiliated by His Own Interns
“We will never forget how the pleas of the American people have been heard and thus far, ignored.” Read more…

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Senate Republicans to Block Ukraine Funding After Chaotic Briefing
“Usually senators don’t scream at each other in front of, you know, the secretary of defense and so forth,” Sen. Josh Hawley said after the heated briefing. Read more…
Big-City Mayor Collapses on Live TV
Montreal's mayor was answering questions during a live news conference when she suddenly broke off her words and slid to the floor. Read more…
MTG Says Fellow GOP Congressman Got Physically Aggressive with Her
Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is in the middle of another conflict, this time with a fellow Republican from Georgia. Read more…
Senator Hit with Ethics Complaint Over ‘Troubling’ Issue
“The American people deserve to know that their elected officials are making decisions based on what benefits the American people.” Read more…
Senator Warns Governments Are Using Trick to Spy on Smartphone Users
Senator Wyden said his office has been investigating the situation since it received a tip last year. Read more…
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Trump Gets Massive Good News Out of 6 Swing States
Biden won most of these states in 2020. Read more…
Trump Triggers Mainstream Media with Simple Joke
Trump addressed the mainstream media’s “dictator” narrative like only he could. Read more…
Mockery Ensues Over List Kamala Harris Is Put On
“Kamala can’t even count to three.” Read more…
Tragedy: 3-Month-Old Boy Is Killed by Exotic Pet
These are not normal pets and should never be treated as such. Read more…
Soros Makes $50 Million Move Just in Time for Election
“We want them to be there if there is a resistance again,” the Open Society foundation said. Read more…
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